Increase in resource frequency?

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Re: Increase in resource frequency?

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Hufflepuff Karen wrote:Bazlit / Animagif is at 70 on all of them. I visit there when I am close to leveling up because a few sprays on the Febreze toilet at his HFN gives you an extra 575 XP, sometimes double. So if I am at 85% I go over there, spray his bathroom about 30 times, then when I reach 99% I send my Sim back home to finish it up (worried that they will get stuck in the neighbors' houses if I level up while I am in there).

Seamus was very rude the other day, he ran in without speaking to the residents, sprayed the bathroom until everybody was probably reeling from Febreze fumes, then left. Usually, my Sims try to become an acquaintance or make friends before they start making free with other people's appliances and furniture, but I needed to get to Level 31 before 8 pm so I could start a new baby and have it finish by tonight :oops:
I have leveled up several times while in neighbors' towns without any issues.
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