Buy new phone and Can't Play (Stuck on Update Check)

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Re: Buy new phone and Can't Play

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bloodcool wrote:At Play store, SFP app is dated as 7 Oct 2013... seems like they release a patch or glitch?
I tried the 04/10 version, no change, the 07/10 works on my phone, but not on my tablet. I know there are differences in layouts, but apparently more than just that.
They update whenever there is a change in one of the files (like the on the 3rd).

The stuff stored on the SDcard (or emulated SDcard) seems unchanged, so temporary renaming the folder before uninstalling then back once SFP is installed from the Play Store avoids the big download.

I found a work-around which seems to work for me at the moment (only if content is already available). Disconnecting WiFi, then starting the game until it complains about the lack of network, next switch and enable WiFi then back to the game triggers it to continue.
Unfortunately this doesn't help new installs.
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