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Re: Teen goals!

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TheLadySimsalot wrote:
Rosie_58 wrote:
ZeeGee wrote:There is something about adopting by using the phone. Haven't explored that yet
I clicked the option when I had hit the limit of sims for my level it was $4.99(real money) to adopt a teen. I chickened out...Has anyone tried this option? If yes, do you get to make any choices in their appearance? Or their name?
I used this option, and the last name is the household name, but I could choose the first name. There were basic appearance choices, i.e. skin color, hair, and eyes. No head or make-up options, and no personality choices. As expected, limited hair and clothes selections.

Still, I liked the $4.99 option to just add the Sim.

Hope that helps. :)
Yes it helped :) Thank you for replying! Has anyone tried to Adopt a Teen to a family with two children already? Or is two children per household still the limit?
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