Cans and Cannots of Teens *spoilers*

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Re: Cans and Cannots of Teens *spoilers*

Post by Amjaabc »

Thanks for all the help on my questions. And I even got my first real neighbour! :D
144Vaux wrote:My Teen can make Skinny Latte - it's the fourth option on an expresso machine. Are you definitely trying with a Teen - not a pre-teen? (Sorry if this sounds obvious) ;)
<smacking myself on my forenede> :|
Silly me, you're right, I tried with a pre-teen - now I found it, using a proper teen!
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Re: Cans and Cannots of Teens *spoilers*

Post by calleighwolfe »

This is a little dumb but they can fill pet's bowls. Pre-teens can't do it. So if you can't stand seeing empty food or water bowls (like me) you can tell your teen to do it :P
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Re: Cans and Cannots of Teens *spoilers*

Post by babhiemiao29 »

when I was just trying to make my teens a bit busy today by filling up their social needs, I found an option on the phone saying "Call Besty"



I found out through accident that when teenagers are left to live in one household, you wont be able to "ask to move in" another teenager! 0.0 only adults!!!

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Re: Cans and Cannots of Teens *spoilers*

Post by superjohn5566 »

It's funny how the teens are older than me :/ ITS NOT FAIR!
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