Needs drop down much faster at a neighbors town

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Needs drop down much faster at a neighbors town

Post by ErinPW »

All the time since the neigbors update I had the impression, the needs of my sim drop down faster. To have the impression is not enough, so I asked Grace and Douglas for help. Now we have clear informations.

They started the experiment fully inspired.
Grace visited her friend Catherina Perturbee. I gave her a short task, so I could go back to my own town.
Douglas stayed at home and had nothing to do than waiting until Grace is at home again.

Three times I made screenshots at both houses.
OK, we only visit the saved data of a town. Nothing really bad will happen to our sims, or to the visited sims :) But I don't cancel the actions of busy sims, unless it's necessary. At least then, when my sim has to stay for a longer task :)
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Re: Needs drop down much faster at a neighbors town

Post by blackbrit »

Great data! I've thought this is the case, but never done the experiment. Now we know!
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