how have you modified pre built houses

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Re: how have you modified pre built houses

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minisaga wrote:
DelDel wrote:Well back then our building options were much more limited. We didn't even have multistory options back then...let alone swimming pools, balconies, and premium lots.

I built it simply for the fact that it was cheaper to buy that house, then to purchase the LP items that were included in the house. It even had the toddler train play mat which at the time cost 150 LP! So it more than paid for itself. When comparing it to the houses we are able to build now, of course it's not an "amazing" house. But at the time it was amazing to get everything the house came with. At the very least it's easy to admit that every inch of that house was utilized.
I think even given the limited building options back then it's not a particularly well designed house. But the 42LP build cost for the content is still amazing value!
I see your point I just don't like to criticize other players. Although I have no problem criticizing the homes FM design ;)
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Re: how have you modified pre built houses

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This is how I modified the Teen Idol Mansion!
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