Great way to make a lot of XP and resources

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Re: Great way to make a lot of XP and resources

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I just took the advice to change clothes at a neighbor's, so I did that at Bazlit's and got up to 88% on level 32, so hopefully I will cross over into level 33 tomorrow. Got the extra XP every 4th change, picked up 2 onyx, 1 bamboo and YES!! FINALLY!! 1 essence of wind! It takes 10 x 575 XP to go up 1% now, so I started at 81% and made poor Theodore dizzy changing his clothes about 100 times, just to get closer to level up. And with all of that, still only 4 resources total :(.

I would really like to get More magma embers because XP is what I want to earn the most of, but at this rate, the 130 XP isn't getting me very far. So I visit Bazlit a lot - guess we'll be changing clothes, doing handshakes, high fives and chest bumps for awhile. Poor Edward, he is the only one I ever find unoccupied so he gets all the abuse, my Sims are using him to get XP. I hope he doesn't take it personally and I do take the time to "be nice" before and after I shake his hand off and high 5 him into exhaustion.
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Re: Great way to make a lot of XP and resources

Post by animagif »

What irks me is that once I got the monument completed, the rare resources (gold, pearls, wind and magma) became a regular drop for me. I was just thankful I managed to complete them before the febreeze toilet was taken away. I've spent hours sometime just spraying. Glad that's over with.

Oh and Edward says he's happy to help. :)
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Re: Great way to make a lot of XP and resources

Post by katgames »

Poor Edward. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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