Change of Editing/Deleting posts

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Change of Editing/Deleting posts

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Due to recent events I have changed the forum settings to disallow editing/deleting posts 10 minutes after they have been submitted.

If you started a new thread and need the main post edited, you can contact the "Global Moderators" group in PM to notify us of the desired changes. Please keep this reasonable and only request important changes.
In all other cases, reply with the changes (preferably using the quote system) to the post yourself. The post needing the changes will not be edited by us. Only in exceptional cases we will honour the request to change a reply, if requested by PM.

As for requesting deletion of posts, these will only be done when provided with valid reasons.

You can find the "Global Moderators" group on the right hand side of the "Compose Message" page in the Add Group box.