Ruby Nelson finally got swallowed by Simsie,

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Re: Ruby Nelson finally got swallowed by Simsie,

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I feel your excitement Sam my fishing sim just finished the collection first time around, going to attempt the 2nd set but not in a hurry.

The same day I finished fishing my wrinkled divers also got my diving boards, I've giving all hobbying sims a well deserved rest.

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Re: Ruby Nelson finally got swallowed by Simsie,

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telemwill wrote:
animagif wrote:This is a testament of how frustrating the fishing hobby really is isn't it? Completing it feels like a major achievement in itself. After completing it the first time, I never went back to it to unlock the wallpaper. It just doesn't seem worth the effort.
The second time through is usually easier now that the bug has been fixed. I usually get a set finished every two or three days, and I don't spend large amounts of time hobbying lately.
Glad to hear this! Seamus FINALLY finished, but I've only had him fishing every morning and every evening between working and today he got the next to last fish and had to pop off to work. I needed a teen to hang out, but I didn't want to give up the fishing pole until I tried to get that last fish, so I sent Lee over - he used to fish, but stopped at level 3 because it's so aggravating! I concentrated all my efforts getting Seamus to finish since he was already halfway through level 4. Three tries and Lee got the last one! Yay!!! I sent him off to garden so Cedric can "hang out" for my key goal. I have Dora & Sev "Hanging out" on a park bench, but after they started and were halfway through while Cedric was at school, I re-read it and it said "on the pier" so I'm guessing somebody has to use the fishing pole for it to count. So I'll leave Dora & Sev hanging out on the park bench while Cedric hangs out on the pier. Dora is trying to get to know Sev, but he's making it really difficult! :)
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Re: Ruby Nelson finally got swallowed by Simsie,

Post by JKCher »

Yay for Ruby! My fishersim took retirement after finishing it the 2nd time, he spent days and days trying to get that elusive rainbow trout. Now he gardens ALL the time, he finds it much more relaxing and rewarding :)
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Re: Ruby Nelson finally got swallowed by Simsie,

Post by Minima »

I'm with you on the elusive trout. James Stradlin, my Fire Chief, finally managed to achieve the wallpaper set and Amanda graciously gave over 'her' study so he could make himself a den, which he has filled with fish tanks. He's keeping out of her hair and saving himself for the great Fishathon which, rumour has it, may be around the corner in the New Year.

What he'd dearly like for Christmas, Dear Fire Monkeys, is for a second set of fishing rods down on the jetty so he can have some company please....
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