The Homeless Challenge

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Re: The Homeless Challenge

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Rolanda has resolved her dilemma and completed the challenge. I've never done a challenge before, so I finished her story in the Homeless Sims - Stories forum, but wasn't sure where to post my results, so I came here.

Total earnings from woodworking at the CC - $14,675.00, plus $331 from her stray cat, hunting in the yard
Visits to the Community Center to make projects - 8 days at $100 per visit = $800
Visits to the Snow Park to eat, sleep, use bathroom and sink - 7 nights at $150 per visit = $1,050
Visits to the Park for the craft fair and to participate in the Veterans' Day events - 2 at $100 per visit = $200
Cost of dish for her stray cat $500 (10% of store price)

So, net earnings, after expenses were $12,456 (goal was $10,000 to get her condemned house repaired)

Points, based on Perturbee's guidelines - 1,000 points per $5,000 earned = 2,000 points
Made 2 new good friends (Arthur & Ariana - she was already good friends with everybody in town, made it hard to avoid them all) - 200 points
Leveled up through all levels to become Master Craftsman (she was a Fashion Design hobbyist before) - 5 level ups = 500 points
Points deducted per day of play 10 x 10 days = 100 points off
Total points = 2,600

I hope I did that all correctly?!?! No dating points! LOL! I can't imagine trying to fit that in - the only reason I finished in 10 days was by doing the wood working every 4 minutes for a couple of hours most nights, because I had to have her do the longer term stuff while I was at work. Her sleep motive suffered the most, because she would wake up on the Snow Park sofa in the middle of the night and I presume would just stand or sit there for hours until I woke up to send her home to sleep on her park bench for a few minutes. Fun was also hard until I remembered about half way through the week that the portable radio could play songs and that bumped her fun motive. When I started, I was thinking of the limited things to keep in the shed and was going to pretend the radio was a police scanner so she could hear if anybody was reporting somebody hanging around the condemned house, so she could run away before the police got there. Since her house was so small to begin with, all she really had was the radio, a little table that I put her mail (magazines) on, the blue suitcase and I put a pile of laundry there just to have something in there.

Things I didn't expect - Charlie lost his hair, when I had to put him in his work clothes long enough to go see Rolanda at the CC. I forgot to check to see if his hair was still available before I changed him - he looks weird (to me) without his longish red hair, now he's got short red hair! Found out the Politicians' clothes are not available to wear outside of work, so that's how the contractor came in - I made Ted wear that ugly green suit and he did double duty as the contractor. If I had more Sims, there would have been some strangers to interact with her! I had no idea, until I read it on this forum that if you clear the hobby grids after all items are completed, you can earn more LP! I thought you just got the first thing and then just kept the grid filled so that you could earn $ and XP! Ended up earning the dog house and the foosball table and lots of LP this last week, because I kept clearing the grid every time Rolanda filled it up. So I learned something by participating in the challenge. Gonna keep grinding for those LPs, because the sign is going REALLY slow and the monuments are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY slow!! I have hundreds of resources, except gold, magma and wind and I haven't even leveled up for the last one yet. Also found out that we can have snowball fights (thanks to Simazing's Mugsy stories), and that if I put 10 Sims in the Snow Park and have them Super Slide or Tricks til Tomorrow, over and over again, I can finally make a dent in earning XP.

Perturbee, this was a fun challenge and I am glad I did it, but I'm glad I finished - I need to go to sleep earlier every night and stop making Rolanda woodwork that extra hour! It's been really hard to get up in the mornings to go to work! Doing the back story was fun, too - gave me a reason to think of things that would make it all work and meet some of the sub-challenges to fit everything together. I know I probably posted too much, but I couldn't resist the daily updates :) Thank you for this forum and for making it interesting! And thank you to all the other forum members for being friendly and being my neighbors and showing me things I didn't know about the game. I'm really glad I picked it up again - it's much more fun now than it was at launch!
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