Day 2 of "Lost at Sea"

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Re: Day 2 of "Lost at Sea"

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After her bath the night before Tia had headed straight for the bedroom, Ricardo had still been sat there angrily turning the pages of the manual. She hadn't dared speak to him and couldn't work out whether he was actually reading it or just stewing.

In the morning she found him still sat at the kitchen table, just staring into space, the manual was gone. Look she said maybe I should have got a mechanic to check the boat, I was just so excited I didn't think, tentatively offering an olive branch his way. Lets start over, why don't we have a game of foosball, relax and then sit and see if we can try and work something out. Fine he said and strolled over to the foosball table ready.

It was a small step but if they were to be stuck together drifting aimlessly then they should at least try to get along. It seemed to be working until a rather unpleasant odour wafted past Tia's nose. What's that smell she exclaimed, not me I've had a shower Ricardo replied. They both looked round and there, the fridge door was ajar, the heat had turned the food rotten overnight. You idiot Tia shouted, when you were stuffing your face last night did it not occur to you to do the basics like shut the fridge door! A furious row followed with all manner of accusations flying back and forth - far from getting along they could now be considered enemies at this moment in time...

They stopped arguing long enough to force the window of the galley open enough to tilt the fridge and slid it out of the window, they heard it hit the water below with a large splash and then Ricardo swore as he noticed that the toaster had also been knocked out of the window, not that they had any bread to toast anyway but! They dragged a couple of the counters into the space where the fridge had been, it gave them a little more space in the central area of the boat and of course meant they could put more distance between themselves!


Tia said, I'll try and phone the coast guard. Don't bother Ricardo growled at her, you'd probably not understand what they were saying anyway, even if you do get through, go and do your hair or something, I'll deal with it. Fine whatever Tia retorted, I'll read the manual instead, maybe there is a solution there if someone who can actually read looks for it and stormed off to grab the manual.

It really was not going well, Tia didn't understand a word the manual said although she did not admit to that and Ricardo struggled to get any signal from the solar phone with it cutting out continually. The stoney silence of day 2 was even worse that the one the day before, would tomorrow be any better they both privately wondered...

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