Auto-returning Sim from neighbor town

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Re: Auto-returning Sim from neighbor town

Post by bloodcool »

ErinPW wrote:
bloodcool wrote:I encountered this around 2 weeks back during halloween event, but kept forgetting to post it up:

So I had a pre-teen who is at neighbor town for more than 24 hours and so when I went to the neighbor's house that she's in, she started walking out of the house automatically. Then I saw the Globe return button is enabled and thinking that tapping would speed up in getting back to my own town, I tap it and to my HORROR my pre-teen never return to my town.

In Sim tracker, she is still at my neighbor town, but if I were to tap her to go my neighbor town, the game will crash! And the only way out is to reset and download my last game save. And thus I lost 1 day of progress where I have earned almost 100LPs and level up my ghost hunter from level 6 to mid level 7...

So as a word of precaution to fellow players, if your Sim is auto-returning from neighbor town, just wait and let them exit entirely on their own, regardless of whether the Globe-return button is enabled or not.
I don't like those long goals, because I cannot save while my sim is busy in a neighbours town. In case something like this happens, I would lose my progress. So my journey sims usually start long tasks when I cannot play due to my real life schedule :)

Nevertheless thank you for this hint, it's good to know! It would be hard if I would have to repeat a 24 hours goal!
before getting the scandinavian house, visitor Sim never do the long social goals :lol:
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Re: Auto-returning Sim from neighbor town

Post by babhiemiao29 »

funny enough I did the same mistake.

I lost 100LP too (a day's collection yesterday) and §100,000. lol

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Re: Auto-returning Sim from neighbor town

Post by Desiree »

enkeli63 wrote:Forgive my n00b question here, but how do you get your sims in your town to make any progress while another sim is visiting a neighbor? I can only play the visiting sim out of town until they return, so I must set all my other sims to long term tasks (for however long I plan to play in the neighbor's town). So what have I missed??

You just have to make sure your sim is engaged in an activity when you go back. If they haven't started yet, or just finished, the will go back also.

I don't think the glitches have anything to do with if you are hanging out with your sim in the neighbors town. When I first started playing a few months ago I lost a sim for about a month! It was a common bug in whatever update it was.

What I have started doing when I 'm going to have a sim on a long task in a neighbors town is get all my other available sims doing some looooooong activity and then do the cloud save. I figure that way there is less of a chance for them to be nasty zombies when people visit. After the save I just cancel the actions and have them go back to their hobbies.
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