Order of Buying Recreational Bldgs vs Occupational Bldgs

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Re: Order of Buying Recreational Bldgs vs Occupational Bldgs

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MrPaddels wrote:I've built my buildings as needed for completing the quest.
There hasn't been a quest to build the pet store, comp centre, car dealership, or supermarket, yet (forgot about, wizard & camping). Will there be one or should I just start to build them? (They're the only ones left to build on the main land map.)
Which one first?
Depending on when you started the game you may have had to build the pet store for a quest (I think it was A Quest for Toddlers). It's not a part of the quest anymore, though. I know there's at least one quest (DIY: Basement of Kings) that requires you to play with a pet so you will need the pet store built to be able to have a pet for that goal.

In case you've already built the pet store and it's the pet salon you haven't built yet: You need the salon to buy collars for your pets to go to the pet park and be able to do the hobbies that are there.

As for the competition center, the car dealership, and the supermarket there aren't any quests requiring you to build them so you can build them whenever you want to. There are some quests that require you to drive somewhere but many pre-built homes come with cars so it's not a necessity to build the car dealership.

The wizard's tower and the campground are for discovery quests which means the quests for them won't start until after you build them. So, again, you can build them whenever you want to.

A quick note about the campground: There will be a limited time event soon for the Survivalist hobby located at the campground. You may want to build that before anything else if you are interested in doing the event.
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