Homeless Sim - Stories

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Re: Homeless Sim - Stories

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Yayyy! So happy for Mugsy! I hope his coffee shop is a big success - I hope he will save up enough to get a nice ring for Mint and hopefully pop the question after they have dated a little longer :) Great story Simazing, the stories are the best part of this game and these challenges, aren't they? We can have so much fun with them!
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The Mrs. Crumplebottom Story - Day 1

Post by lumiina »

Although the last post hasn't been since 2013 for this challenge, I've decided to join in on the fun too!

My homeless challenge starts with my character, Pru Crumplebottom. She's based off of Mrs. Crumplebottom from The Sims 2, but may not be completely accurate. This takes part during Sims 1's time period, so she's currently at an adult stage. My plan is to eventually give her a platinum orb as an elderly sim and make her the permanent Crumplebottom of the town to yell at my flirty sims who like PDA.

Right now she's starting off homeless, and my end goal is to have her start her own library with a small studio apartment to live in at the back. She may not make it out alive in this challenge... but she'll still be alive in my game.

This challenge will be particularly hard for me, as the only community lot I have is the park. I will definitely get -100 at the end of this for poor hygiene!

Since this is Mrs. Crumplebottom after all, I am making these changes:
+100 points for an enemy made (instead of a friend)
An additional +500 for a nemesis made (instead of a romantic partner)

Sorry for these changes. It just would not fit her personality and my plan for her to make many friends. While making enemies is just as easy as it is to make friends in FreePlay.

I am also counting the simoleons made by clicking on the giant fish, since it wasn't specified in the rules.

I am referring to the 100 simoleon fee as a rental charge for the fishing rod, but don't worry, I'm playing by the rules. Whether I fish or not, she'll be charged 100 simoleon per visit, or per day if staying overnight.

My story will be written in first person.

This is me, Pru Crumplebottom. Unlike the usual saying goes, I went from riches to rags overnight when I was kicked out of the house by my husband when he discovered his beloved mistress was pregnant. I should mention, we haven't had any luck at having children ourselves. I would have been glad to adopt, but my husband wanted his blood to take over his riches. I had no idea he was seeing another woman, so was absolutely heartbroken to hear the news. I was previously interning at the town hall, hoping to land a job there to pursue my dream of providing the opportunity for community centers in the town. But when I returned to my internship after a weekend of roaming the streets, not sure of exactly where I should go, I was fired for my poor hygiene. I didn't get any chance to retrieve what little I had that I could call my own at my husband's, such as my clothes, and didn't have much at work aside from a few magazines I read when things were slow. Before I left the premises, I snuck out a folding chair from the utility closet. I know it's not right... but I'm really just borrowing it. I just need something that I can call my own. Some sort of solace to rest on. I feel so guilty about it. I don't know what I was thinking.

But anyhow, I also managed to find a side table on the road someone was throwing away, so I dragged that along with me too. And here I am, in this old bathroom in a condemned park near the town hall. All I have to my name is this folding chair that's not really mine, a side table, some magazines, the clothes on my back and thirty-seven simoleons. But I swear, I will show both my husband and the town hall and one day own this land to build my own library to become a center for community in this town. A place where people can feel warm and welcomed, despite their appearance or achievements. I can't help but think, that's what I would want for my child, if I could have one.

If you're wondering how I sleep in this bathroom, I don't really... I can't sleep on the folding chair, it's only for resting. I try to sleep on the floor, but it's really cold. I do sleep a little though. I fold up my jacket as a pillow and cover myself with the magazines. I find taking naps in the sun on the benches at the park to catch up on sleep helpful. But this bathroom does offer me temporary shelter, and a convenient location for me to watch out for prospective buyers to make sure no one's eyeing the land. And for me to dream. To dream about what my library will look like, the people who will visit, the comfort it'll bring this town...
My only source of income and food is fishing. Renting a rod will cost me 100 simoleons per time, with the initial time being on my tab to pay by the end of the day. Between feeding myself and selling what's left to the supermarket, I'm not really making a lot.

But money isn't my only problem. Being at the park for so long means tons of encounters with love in bloom, here to remind you of your own wilted love life.
And in particular, the one that bothered me the most my first day was all the lovey-doveyness going on between my ex-colleague and her chum from a local science lab.
Meet Bella, a woman I'm not sure is more passionate about politics, or how she looks being so passionate about politics. We were neither friends nor enemies when we were both interns at the town hall, but boy would she become my enemy that day. She had the nerve to make out right in front of me despite knowing all that's happened to me. I heard a rumor on my way out of the town hall that she was the one who complained of my... odor... to the people in charge of the internship program. I don't know if it's true or not... But I wanted to give her a piece of my mind.

So I did.
I told her it's inappropriate to be kissing in public and couldn't bear the sight of it so close after my husband kicked me out.
And she told me other people have lives too and the right to live them.
So I called her a llama, and that's when we officially became enemies.
It was getting late and I hadn't eaten yet, after working so hard fishing and fighting for all the broken-hearted out there having to deal with PDA. I had forgotten to eat. It was getting late and technically it's not allowed to use the grills this late at night. No one was around so I quickly cooked the fish I had leftover after selling most of what I had to the supermarket and ate my dinner in the dark hoping I wouldn't be noticed. I have to be more careful next time and plan my time better. I certainly couldn't cook back at my hideout, as it'd arise suspicion if the police noticed the fire. Then I'd lose my chances at owning the land.


Initial Items:
-Pile of magazines (60 simoleons)
-Folding Chair (3 simoleons)
-Cheap Bedside Table (Free)

+37 simoleons - Initial Funds (02/13)
-100 simoleons - Park Visit (02/13)
+50 simoleons - Koi (02/13)
+500 simoleons - Big Fish (02/13)
+75 simoleons - Boot Fish (02/13)
Current Funds: +562 simoleons

+100 - Made an enemy [Bella] (02/13)
-10 - One day has passed (02/13)
Current Points: +90
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Re: Homeless Sim - Stories

Post by lumiina »

So it had been many days since I started this challenge and I'm tired out from it (-_-). It was a lot of fun though! It was a great way to start out my sim's journey. But I'm ready to move Mrs. Crumplebottom's story along and build her library, so I'm dropping from the challenge.

I had gotten up to level 7 of the fishing hobby and 2000 simoleons. It was just taking way too long when all I had was the park, ha. Mrs. Crumplebottom finally got funding from the city hall and is building her library.
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Re: Homeless Sim - Stories

Post by khazzard2015 »

Awesome imagination
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