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Re: Café Culture Update - Changes

Post by mockingbird288z »

mockingbird288z wrote:
21 Oct 2019, 22:10

Grand Garages Live Event Rerun: 13-day event running from Wednesday 20th November until the final day of the update Monday 2nd December.
I'm feeling kinda sad about this game. Normally the holiday season is my favorite for this game but this year has sucked out any remaining joy I had left in this game. Every update was basically the same grind every time. New live event, Sim chase event, pregnancy event. Just rinse and repeat.

I should be so excited about what's coming in the next update. But I just don't care anymore. It's hard to get excited about grinding. And that's all this game has turned into. We've not had any new features added in a long time. And no, the latest building in downtown doesn't count because that's just another grind to unlock just another building lot. :(

We need something to invigorate this game! And it's not like players don't have a ton of ideas. It's just that the devs won't do it unless they can turn it into a money-making grind.

The really sad thing is...soon, I think, I won't care enough to even be sad. 8 years ago I wouldn't believe I was still playing this game. And by next year it may be hard for me to imagine that I used to play it. :(
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Re: Café Culture Update - Changes

Post by chamilet »

I haven't even updated to Cafe Culture. I'm hoping that will mean I won't be too burnt out for the Christmas Quest. I kinda miss my Sims, but I've kinda found other things to do with my time...
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