(Game Center) I need a neighbor!

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Re: anyone needs some neighbors? ( iphone/game center only )

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rennnnn12 wrote: 18 Sep 2019, 20:13 i need some neighbors for my quest , so please help out if you can

user for game center is rennnn 🤤🥰🥵 .
Hi again, as we already told you here, there's no way to add Game Center friends with Sims FreePlay. Currently the only way to add friends in Sims FreePlay is through Facebook.

If you want to add friends through Facebook please post in this topic.
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Game Center Need Neighbors

Post by Healey38 »

trying to add people using their names they have provided but on my iphone when i select add friend, its basically brings it to a text message screen. is this where I put in peoples names?
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Re: Game Center Need Neighbors

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Game Centre doesn’t work for connecting with other Sim towns anymore. The only way to add friends on the party boat is through Facebook.
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