Help! Sims 3 Store Download Failed

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Re: Help! Sims 3 Store Download Failed

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Hurray! Glad you got it fixed! I play Sims 3 mostly to build houses (I use the motherlode cheat to get Simoleons). I only have a few Sims, I am constantly fiddling with houses. I played more with Sims 2, I think 3 is technologically too much for me sometimes, I have trouble keeping up with their moods, wishes, dreams and all that stuff. I set them on autonomous mostly and kind of just watch what they do while I am demolishing things around them. :)
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Re: Help! Sims 3 Store Download Failed

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Thanks for tips!

I set it up with two people (male and female) in the household and was wondering how you were supposed to keep up with all their wishes and needs and make money. I have it set to autonomous and it is fun watching them to begin with. I was trying to make money in game, but I like the sound of the motherlode cheat so I can have the fun of changing the house while they get on with their lives :)

After Freeplay it is strange getting used to the time whizzing in the game. I had a task that involved a sim ringing another one and hadn't realised it was 3 am in the game. lol
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