Haunted house available as in-app purchase

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Re: Haunted house available as in-app purchase

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As for deleting rooms, you do get simoleons when you delete them (and store the stuff in inventory) but the amount is not very much. You do not get any simoleons for deleting a whole floor eg. the upper floor of a house. I do not think that the amount of simoleons you get will be enough to build a neo Tokyo house unless you sell the stuff in the rooms as well. Bear in mind you only get 10% of the purchase price so it might still not be enough depending on how much a new neo Tokyo house costs you.
Don't forget, though, that selling the pool and its decking returns 50% of its original value, so that may be enough to get the Neo Tokyo house...
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Re: Haunted house available as in-app purchase

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enkeli63 wrote:Well, when they do make it available with the next update, it'll still be for sale in the Online Store, so you didn't waste money on something that would be available with LP or something. So you just got an early bird special ;)

I'm glad to hear they will add it to the store for everyone soon. I really want to get it. Since I already have the haunted stairs and elevator, I think I'll go ahead and make it a two storey Haunted House (when I get it, build it and renovate it, that is!!) I'm debating on whether I should demolish my old HH or just make an extra one. That way, visitors can use one while my ghost hunting team is using another one. But maybe I'll demolish my current one, consolidate all the haunted objects, and then make a second floor on the new one... Decisions, decisions!!
I demolished mine, because it was a converted Dark Secret and I already have a Dark Secret house - the one that I was using as my HH was actually the 3rd house I built, over by the museum, and it was cheap LPs back then on the small lot. The only other small lots I had open were over by the famous Sim Town sign and by the party boat and I didn't feel like having my HH there. Rolanda's Sanctuary is next to the new HH, and I'm torn between moving her out to the house I planned for her in town or leaving her there, now that she worked so hard to save it during the Homeless Challenge!
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Re: Haunted house available as in-app purchase

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Good to hear it will be available for everyone.
At least that means there is already 1 thing to like about the new update, curious when the new update will be released.
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