Teen idol resources after sign is upgraded

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Re: Teen idol resources after sign is upgraded

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blackbrit wrote:
Terar21 wrote:
Minima wrote:On average, one resource a day - usually the microphone thing. I'm hoping they end up 'banked' somewhere and will be activated if the town sign reward gets upgraded in the future.
I collected a few of these resources before the Hollywood sign task was officially launched and these were credited to the tally when the task finally appeared.
I collected quite a few too before the Hollywood sign was there. That was nice so hopefully they open up more levels. I lose track of how many I get a day because they start to blend in with onyx but I'm getting at least 5, and that's just when I notice them.
I'd say this is pretty much exactly what's happening in my game, too. Now if we were talking about magma embers.... I haven't had even ONE for several days. Go figure, right?
Just went to check mine to see if any magma embers snuck in without me noticing. Nope. 1 magma for the entire week. At this rate, unless I use LPs I'll finish the monuments in a few years. Crazy :shock:
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Re: Teen idol resources after sign is upgraded

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A few days ago I noticed getting more of the sign resourses on my iOS device (the sign is at level 3) but on my Android device where I am at level 1 for the sign...the resources are dropping very rarely...
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Re: Teen idol resources after sign is upgraded

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I am on ios and am getting very few resources of any kind. Just gave up on the Teen idol resourses and paid LPs to finish the sign, I really want the Teen Idol Mansion and got fed up of waiting and slogging away with nothing coming. I bet now I will get loads ;)
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