Any news of an upcoming update?

All information about updates!
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Re: Any news of an upcoming update?

Post by boysnberry11 »

I was about to unlock either another adult or teen sim with LP. It's how I've populated my town without waiting to reach the next level ever since they fixed the sim count when you visited a neighbor (which I took advantage) and the baby glitch (which I failed to take advantage of-- well I did on accident but deleted the baby twin because I named them the same name and I thought my game was messed up).

Anyhoo, as I ramble. Is it advisable with these updates to always keep a healthy stash of LP. I tend to have about 150 - 200 saved. But, I get bored and want to spend them. Any thoughts? I am aware of the changes from the older players vs the newer players (me). I guess I'm just looking for an easy update for once. Lol
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Re: Any news of an upcoming update?

Post by Nandireya »

I have...considerably more LPs than that. But the last few updates have made the time specific goals unskipable. Probably because those of us who get the update early give everyone else the heads up on what they are.
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