The Sim needs house idea

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Re: The Sim needs house idea

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MSmith wrote:
Debsjw10 wrote:I have a house like this too. I have 10 toilets 10 sinks 10 fridges 10 coffee machines & a stereo. I have a routine where 10 sims eat, pee, wash their hands, drink coffee, be funny to another sim then have a listen to some music before I send them home & whistle for the next lot. I always do it last thing every night before I set them away growing beans while I sleep.

I didn't think of the coffee machines, nice one!
Great ideas! Getting all sims inspired can be tedious when they are all in different homes. Plus my sims seem to need inspiring more often since I levelled up on whichever monument was meant to reduce this. Fabulous game :)
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