(Facebook) I need a neighbor!

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Re: (Facebook) I need a neighbor!

Post by PaQuilter »

Ruth, Marisa, & Maria I sent you friend requests on FB. Look for Betty. :D
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Re: (Facebook) I need a neighbor!

Post by LizSims »

Hi all - just wanted to introduce myself. Have been playing Sims Freeplay for a long time but I just found this forum! :)
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Re: (Facebook) I need a neighbor!

Post by Lenny »

If you need a neighbour: https://www.facebook.com/tlen.de.7

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Dana Anderson-James

Re: (Facebook) I need a neighbor!

Post by Dana Anderson-James »

Dana Anderson-James wrote:https://www.facebook.com/dana.herbert.146 Anyone?
Alright, the amount of friend requests I am getting is absolutely ridiculous. I am now going to ask you to message me saying "fellow simmer" so I know you are a simmer and not some stalker/hacker. I won't accept anymore requests unless you message me saying "fellow simmer". Thank you and I will try do do the same.
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Re: (Facebook) I need a neighbor!

Post by Sosimplybe »

Thanks to the fellow simmer s who have accepted my friend request s on Facebook and become neighbours.
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Re: (Facebook) I need a neighbor!

Post by Mritha »

GC: Mritha
FB: https://www.facebook.com/mritha.fallen
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Re: (Facebook) I need a neighbor!

Post by MSmith »

I'm not exactly sure how to shorten the facebook link, but here is mine https://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Sm ... 0932263814
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Re: (Facebook) I need a neighbor!

Post by nogard0 »

people that want neighbors, i would like to be your freeplay neighbor. fb id sue.donim.144 (pseudonym = ghost writing name). nogard0 in forums. my partyboat town value is usually up to date in signature for easier finding my town.

also send msg that you are a SFPer.
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u post pics.
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Re: (Facebook) I need a neighbor!

Post by cool_frood »

Would love some neighbours! Drop me a pm on here and I'll add you :)
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Re: (Facebook) I need a neighbor!

Post by JenSPNFan »

I desperately need neighbors, especially if you have amenities like the snow park!


Thanks! :D
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