FB log in problems after holiday update?

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Re: FB log in problems after holiday update?

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Rosewood Debi wrote:I've had the same problems since the update, but since I'm using iPad, I just use Game Center only. I'm able to connect and save to the cloud through GC and receive my mail and party boat gifts! I miss visiting some neighbors I had that were Facebook only, but as long as I can save, I'm okay with just using GC! Don't know what my Sims look like, but at least I can save. I hope they don't look like "The Walking Dead!"
If you only save via Game Center, there is a big chance for your FB neighbours to see Zombies.
I always save twice, via FB then log out, force close the game, wait about 20 - 30 minutes, save via GC, then log in to FB again. The number of neighbours on top of the boat often shows "1", but if I tap the globe or partyboat, the list is complete.

In my game the auto log out has changed. It does not happen every time I close the game, but every time after force close. So I only force close the game, when I don't need the full neighbours list. But I really hope, this issue is solved soon.
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Re: FB log in problems after holiday update?

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Thank you Erin! I just sent a message to my Facebook neighbors and apologized for the appearance of my Sims as I was no longer logging into Facebook. All were very understanding and are all having the same problems. Seems a lot of people are seeing more zombies now than ever and are trying to ignore the shape our poor Sims are in! Hopefully they will resolve this soon and we can all stay logged in.
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