[SPOILER] Anglers and Mutants quest

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Re: [SPOILER] Anglers and Mutants quest

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Nandireya wrote:
alligatorade52 wrote:Bummer. Thanks for the quick answer!
We who missed it may get another chance...

All the seasonal stuff...Halloween...Christmas...seem to return when the season rolls around again. Though...we may have to pay real money for it...like the haunted house.

I'd happily pay to have the fish...and the pool cleaner...
Me too. I would pay for them. I'd hate to have to keep it snowing on the Island for 12 months just to keep the pools from turning green. That's why I don't have any big pools. They are to hard to clean. Hopefully, they will bring the pool cleaners back but I was here last summer (2013) and I didn't see them. We can hope though. :)
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