Transporting sim baby

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Transporting sim baby

Post by Desiree »

I think I asked this before, but I'm still confused.

I am thinking about adding a sim baby, and keeping her as a baby for quite awhile. My question is, can babies be transported from house to house, as long as there is an adult in each house?

I imagine if its possible there would need to be a cradle in each house and the baby transports to it?

I really want a baby as part of my sim world, but would like to be able to place her in daycare when her parents work.
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Re: Transporting sim baby

Post by katgames »

I had that idea too but it did not work. It's possible I just don't know the trick but I created two character for the purposes of babysitting. One a grandfather and another a nanny. After they were toddlers of course you can do daycare. Someone probably know the trick but the normal whistle 'em over did not work for me.
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Re: Transporting sim baby

Post by Hufflepuff Karen »

Somehow this got split off from the main thread where it was discussed - not sure how that happened!
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