I loved this update because...

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Re: I loved this update because...

Post by hipmomx2 »

katgames wrote:
hipmomx2 wrote:Because I was starting to get BORED. Didnt have enough Sims to make a baseball team..lol.
And it gives me HOPE that they are ACTUALLY listening to us and making changes (maybe they REALLY arent just a bunch of brats play jokes on us..."lets make them get their Sims stuck in another neighborhood...wouldnt it be funny if we made an island and made it like totally impossible to actually obtain anything..ha ha he he!"
Sorry. Cant help myself :lol:
I've been thinking the same thing. I get that they are about making money. It's a business but for a while there the prices and the resources*rolls eyes* it was getting insane and I was thinking maybe I need to quit this game.

Lately it seems they are almost responding to what customers are saying the want and what they don't like. It's interesting. I even think resources which I've learned to ignore, are showing up more frequently. I just want them to stop taking away things they give us like the hair and clothes and shoes they stole for the teens. At least they could have warned us. It was right at Halloween and I lost hair and outfits that suddenly where not there anymore. I'm still bummed "bout it. But I DO think it's getting better-- maybe???
I feel ya!!
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Re: I loved this update because...

Post by mrdoggie94 »

I was in level 33. Before the update the max sims was 18. But after the update it's 24!
Now I'm in level 34, the max sims is now 25... The next sim unlocks on level 36, so it seems that I will unlock another sim every 2 levels.
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