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Re: Best Carreer...Best Hobby

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My town theme is that it is a studio town where many television series and movies are made. The people in the town are known for their high quality costume design and special effects. Some of them have careers, technically, but they spend all their time doing fashion design. Either at the big workshop, or in smaller home studios or even out of their bedroom.

The teens and pre-teens spend a great deal of time diving or figure skating, because they get occasional roles in the shows that need extras :lol: . Sometimes I will have adults going through a cycle of diving or skating as well. Skating is the easiest, once I built a skating rink, the snow park one drives me nuts because it's hard to get multiple sims going.

I have one mom who does most of the childcare at the center, but other parents help too. And two "teens" ( actually adults, but I needed teens for my storyline before the update) who do whatever hobby is being asked for in the goals. One did ghost hunting for the Halloween quest, and the other is currently working at fishing.

I had a couple of pre-teens level up through ballet and karate to unlock the rewards ((wallpaper, trophies, etc) and two teens who did the teen idol quest.

I think it really depends why you play. I like to do storylines and decorate, but don't care about the monuments or town value.
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Re: Best Carreer...Best Hobby

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Palmjill wrote:Athletes used to work only an hour a day at the top level but that changed to 4 hours a few updates ago. They still have the shortest working hours though.
That sux. Thanks, though, for telling me. :cry:
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