Scandinavian House Premium Lot

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Re: Scandinavian House Premium Lot

Post by hiser1974 »

Well, I guess this means I will have to start saving up sp for this house, I was contemplating on getting it but now with the lower price and a pool on the premium lot I definitely want it.
Hopefully the low price will stay.
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Re: Scandinavian House Premium Lot

Post by bloodcool »

Debsjw10 wrote:Pool on premium lot in main town. No beach front. You're welcome to visit. It's 1 East Oceanside.
Do you mind if I use your image in the pre-made house pic thread?
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Re: Scandinavian House Premium Lot

Post by enkeli63 »

I recently built one on the regular lot! (I redecorated it to look Scandinavian) but now I definitely want this on the Premium Lot too! I will get on it once my Haunted House is completed, if I can earn enough SPs in time. I was thinking I'd finally get to use SPs on windows and furniture that I want, but the Scandinavian House is one of my favourite (once I get rid of the fugly kitchen counters and redecorate a little bit). I'm glad it comes with a pool on the premium lot now, what a lovely addition 8-)
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Re: Scandinavian House Premium Lot

Post by Debsjw10 »

No problem Bloodcool. :D
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Re: Scandinavian House Premium Lot

Post by calleighwolfe »

Wow! It's good I found this threat before building my Scandinavian House! I've been saving for it since it first appeared but it was so expensive that I ended up building two boat houses (one cheap, one expensive), now I'm close to 200 SP again and was thinking about building the normail one but now I'm sooo building the premium one!! :D

Thanks for the info :D
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