Need advice on rebuilding town value

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Re: Need advice on rebuilding town value

Post by Arcadia »

I have also lost TV from building houses (1 houseboat and 1 house) but both of mines were on the Island. I have 3 on the island the lst house boat NoTV, 2nd The Sancturary got the TV, 3rd one Designer House No TV. So I am afraid to build over there right now since I am trying to raise my TV.
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Re: Need advice on rebuilding town value

Post by Amy J »

I'm also missing millions off my town value following building houses, most recently from houseboats and a beach escape. As I'm on the old daily reward it does mean missing out on thousands of simoleans a day! I submitted tickets to Firemonkeys a couple of times but never had a reply other than automated response - but one from a couple of days ago was different and said:

"While we do read and action every bug report that is sent to us, we will only get in touch regarding your ticket if our development team requires additional information to assist them in fixing the issue. Our teams are always working around the clock to make sure these issues are dealt with in updates, so keep an eye out for game updates on the store."

Hopefully if there are lots of players reporting it they will get round to fixing it one day!
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