Day 10 of "Lost at Sea"

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Day 10 of "Lost at Sea"

Post by Perturbee »

Time for a little party! The child continues to grow, so let's have that birthday!
A bigger child also means bigger clothes...

- Have your baby grow up into a toddler.
- Temporarily place the fridge back and have your Sims “Eat Leftovers” (as birthday cake) and feed the toddler, once done, remove the fridge again.
- Try to increase the relationship between parents and toddler to Good Friend. If you don't have a toddler, watch a show on TV.
- Have one Sim design fashion for an hour.
- Have one Sim “On Hold with Tech Support” to send out another “S.O.S.”.
- Hobbying and/or working on the career is allowed.
- Feel free to add toys for your toddler to keep him/her occupied.
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Post by Dilly »

Captain's Log Day 10:
During their recent survey of the seascape for signs of land, Chardonnay spotted a small dorm refrigerator floating in the water. When Merlot hauled it aboard & they discovered it was full of food!

Chardonnay immediately scrapped the makeshift cake she had fashioned out of their infinite supply of Cat Food and restarted with these "fresh" new supplies. This cake would be BOTH edible AND TASTY! They were getting sick of sneaking cat food out of Brie's bowl, Brie was none too happy about it either.

The cake was being baked in celebration of baby Zinfandel's inexplicable accelerated Growth spurt. This was possibly related to the strange glowing, green, storm they experienced the day before. Chardonnay reviewed her Encyclopedia of Sea Charts and realized they MIGHT have drifted to close to the edge of the Bermuda Triangle! She immediately adjusted their course with the parts she & Merlot fashioned from dismantling the floating refrigerator. Unfortunately it was not enough to get them to land, but Just enough to get them to safety (a 3 star fridge would have got them farther).

As soon as he's done fashioning new toddler outfits out of the old baby ones, Merlot will get back onto phone repairs & SOS calls tonight. He's hoping the new fridge parts, can help him boost the radio call distance even more. Maybe the green glowing storm can help reception as well.

Chardonnay, meanwhile is Quickly working to preserve what little food is left, since the fridge has, Once Again, been dismantled. She's been very busy at her workbench fashioning new engine parts from the flotsam tossed their way in the storm. She's been using her new Art Skills to create star maps of their location, coloring pages for Zin, as well as illustrating their adventure.

Both are enjoying Zinfandel in his toddler form MUCH more entertaining than the Baby Phase! Chardonnay has had fun making toys from her workbench. That's all for today!
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Re: Day 10 of "Lost at Sea"

Post by nogard0 »

the green glowing storm reminds me of a movie of a storm a guy went through and became the incredible shrinking man.
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